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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Colorful and graphic tile seems to be everywhere I look and this gal couldn't be happier.  These eye catching tiles add so much interest to a space.  This new spin on an old world tradition is making its way into kitchens and bathrooms everywhere.  I'm sure these beautiful patterns are considered a risk to many of you.  You can't help but ask yourself - What if I get sick of it?  What if I need to sell my home and this is a turn off to buyers?  All very legitimate questions, but with great risk can come great rewards.  Don't be afraid to create a beautiful space for yourself.  You only live once.  I personally would love to use a stunning tile in our next mud room or laundry room.  It's a small space and great way to dip my toes in the graphic tile pool.  Would you ever consider one of these tiles for your home?

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