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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I was fortunate to be tagged by Molly at Dreams in HD to participate in the Liebster Award.  It's a great way to share more about yourself with your audience as well as tag other blogs to share more about themselves.  Since getting more personal on the blog is one of my goals this year I am happy to participate.  I've been passed along a series of questions, so I'll just get started.

How did you choose the name of your blog?
My blog is named after my furniture & home decor company.  It was initially started as a simple creative outlet to compliment the business, but has turned into much more over this past year.

Where do you get inspiration for your posts?
I get my inspiration from the same place as everyone else... Pinterest! I kid!  Actually Pinterest is just where I curate my ideas.  Inspiration can come from anything I see.  I've been inspired by a condemned building and a luxurious silk kimono.  There are no rules or guidelines.  I just try to keep my eyes and mind open to the world.  For my blog posts I try to take those inspirations and create content that is relevant to the people around me.

Image via The Chic Fish
The colors in this image of old Vegas signs has a great color story.

Coffee or Tea?
Definitely tea!  I use to be a coffee addict, but a few years ago I gave up caffeine.  It was tough to kick, but totally worth it for me personally.  Now I enjoy a hot cup of tea in the morning and evening.  I almost always take it with lemon and a touch of local honey.

Tazo is my favorite!

Do you have pets?
Do I have pets?!  Any one who knows me is laughing at this question.  Yes, I have pets.  I have 3 dogs that I would give life and limb to make happy.  Eli is my big boy.  He's a 90 lb Irish Wolfhound mix (far right) and the goofiest pup I've ever had.  In the middle is Dixie.  She's a 65 lb Weimaraner/Black Lab mix who  helps me keep the boys in line all day.  Last, but not least, I have Gus (far left).  He weighs in at a hefty 15 lbs.  We're not really sure what he is, but we know there has to be Datsun in there somewhere.  He's full of spunk and has no problem running with the big boys.  They are all rescues that came into our life for one reason or another and changed us for the better.

This was a very rare moment during a visit when they were all still.

Something you can't live without?
This is easy and somewhat embarrassing..... I can't live without my iPhone.  It has become such an important tool in my life.  I use it constantly for work and personal tasks.  The sad part is that the actual phone is probably the least used option on my phone.  It's important to me to have balance so I make sure to put my phone away when dining, visiting with friends, and in the evening when the work day is over.

Next time I'm going for the gold iPhone!

Favorite place in the world?
Anywhere that my family and friends are gathered.  Sure, I love the islands and Europe, but since Bubba and I have moved I have come to understand the importance of being with my loved ones.  An exotic location is fantastic, but sharing laughter with my friends is everything to me.

Me and my besties!
Long hair or short?
I can actually do either.  I love it to be long, but my hair is fine and doesn't always look good when I wear it long.  I love the way it looks short, but short can be a lot of work and I'm more of a low maintenance kind of gal.

Favorite social media?
Without question..... Instagram!  I love seeing what inspires other people and being able to follow along with projects.  

Favorite book?
 I love to read and should probably own stock in Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  My all time favorite is Les Miserable by Victor Hugo.  It is a true literary masterpiece.  I've read a lot of good books lately, but I would have to say my current favorite is The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery.  This was one of my summer reads last year and I still think about it today.

Image via: West Deptford

Now I'm going to pass the baton to Stephanie at Year-Round Giving and Laura at Over The Apple Tree.  Be sure to join them as they share a little bit about themselves and discover their blogs.


  1. Brandyn - I love this! This is so YOU! I could have just as easily answered these questions seamlessly and accurately! To know you, is to KNOW you! Your taste is impeccable and your knowledge is far-reaching. I will forever be saving a spot for you on my right.....

  2. loved learning more about you brandyn! and obviously i'm crazy about the fact that you have three adorable rescue pups...i hope to be able to adopt a few more when we get a bigger place :) they truly are the best, aren't they? also, love that your favorite book is les miserables. my best friend and i went and saw the play in the second grade and became absolutely OBSESSED with it {we spent the better part of the next two years putting on our own neighborhood performances, aka singing with soot on our faces}, so reading it for the first time in high school was very special to me :)

    1. Thanks for the tag Molly! This was a fun post for me. I enjoyed learning more about you as well. Trust me - 3 dogs is a lot. Sometimes I wish I had just a wee rescue :) Love your posts on Europe and enjoy your blog!


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