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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Girl in the Yellow Suit

End of the Roll (Pink)

Blue Ribbon Winner

The World Looks Different

Tug of War

The Last Summer

At Dusk

In the Depths

All Together

A year or so ago I fell down the rabbit hole that is Etsy and stumbled upon an art print titled Girl in Yellow Suit.  Something about the piece struck me and I knew I had to have it.  I marked it as a favorite and continued browsing.  The print stayed on my mind for a day or two and then, as always, I got swept up in the rat race we call life where art for my gallery wall doesn't take top priority.  Several months passed when I came across some great frames at a flea market and immediately the image of Girl in Yellow Suit flashed in my mind.  When I got home I made a mad dash to the computer and started searching my Etsy favorites, but for some reason the print wasn't there. I searched and searched the art and prints listed, but there were just too many.  Eventually I had to accept defeat and set the frames aside and move on.  Then, two weeks ago, I accidentally rediscovered Girl in Yellow Suit!  I was beyond excited.  Quickly I added it to my favorites, bookmarked it, gave it every digital dog ear possible.  Once I was sure the image was securely saved I took the opportunity to explore more works by the artist.  It took only a moment for me to understand why her work resonated with me.  She had captured moments in my life.  Images that were snapshots of time that I understood on a personal level.  At Dusk is a wonderful reminder of summer days having so much fun playing with friends that I had to race the sun to get home before dark.  The Last Summer takes me back to memories of our annual family vacation when we all (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins) packed like sardines into station wagons and headed for the coast.  I believe Lisa Golightly wonderfully captures precious moments in life giving us all a chance to relive them with every glance at her work. 

See more work by Lisa Golightly here.

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  1. I love Lisa's work- I always feel like her paintings are sun soaked and in the moment.


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