Renters Lament - Sneak Peek!

Monday, February 24, 2014

I have been promising to reveal our master bathroom makeover for weeks now.  Well, today I'm going to give a sneak peek!  Like any personal design project, I've had to set this one to the side on multiple occasions due to other priorities.  We also encountered a number of set backs because of this crazy snowmagedon winter.  There were actually days where the walls were too cold to paint!  That's right! The negative outside temps caused the interior walls to drop below 55°.  Thank goodness we have those days behind us!  I am happy to say that we are now in the zhushing stage!!  This is the fun part where I get to shop til I drop for accessories and bling.

The fact that this is a rental home played a huge part in all decisions for this bathroom makeover.  I've been so fortunate to have wonderful homeowners to work with.  Because this is a rental I've tried to create a bathroom design that will appeal to many.  

We chose a beautiful white for the walls to open up the space and bring in some light.  For the cabinets I pulled an earthy grey from the flooring for the paint and we added knobs to dress things up a bit and make the drawers easier to access.  The aged brass knobs you see here are only temporary.  The manufacturer discontinued the knobs I originally ordered, so we're just waiting for the new line to become available for retail.  These are just hanging out until then.  There was only one towel rack for this bathroom, so we added a brass rod to each vanity.  

Storage is a major issue in the bathroom.  The two vanities are on the smaller side and they just can't hold all my toiletries and beauty supplies.  I thought the space above the toilet would be the perfect place to put up some shelves and provide storage for the things we only use once in a while.  

We have the shelves up and they are in the process of being styled.  I painted them the same color as the walls to keep things simple.  Brass brackets add a little glam.  (Still need to paint the screws to match)  Many of the items you see here will not stay.  They are just giving me an idea of what size everything needs to be to function well and look great.  I'm looking to mix natural baskets, cloth boxes and glass jars for storage.  I have a few summery prints ready to be framed and the window dressing is ready to go up.  Hopefully by our next really sunny day this bath will be ready for its close-up!

Here are some examples of the style of accessories I am looking to use in this space.  The Safavieh rug is definitely going in this master bath it's just on back order.  The water hyacinth baskets have also been ordered.  When it comes to using art in my bathroom I never use anything that would break my heart or wallet if it was damaged by moisture.  The prints here are to show the bright spring colors and modern style I would like to use.  I am at a point in my life where I like to invest in a really good towel.  The bath should be a place of relaxation and wrapping up in an incredibly soft towel goes with the territory.  


  1. those shelves are gooorrrrgggeeeoooouuuusssss! i have been a renter for years, definitely looking forward to the day that i can finally gut a bathroom and kitchen :)

  2. Beautiful! Picks that you chooses are perfect for bathroom!


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