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Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Monday!  Are y'all ready to kick some serious butt this week?!  I thought I would kick this week off with a personal favorite.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoy!

Lacquered walls will always be a beautiful design element in my book.  To cover anything with high gloss lacquer requires that the surface be free of any blemishes or variations.  When it comes to covering walls with this fancy finish the prep work can be very labor intensive, not to mention the talent required to apply lacquer correctly.  This finish cannot be easily undone.  You can't slap a new coat of paint over it if you decide it doesn't suit you.  There is just as much cost in labor to cover it up as there is to have it done in the first place which is why most homeowners don't consider lacquer an option.  But, how beautiful is a room where the walls are structural gem stones?  Dark colors have life because the finish reflects light.  That reflecting quality also gives the room a feeling of movement.  This treatment is on my personal home design bucket list.  Would you consider this treatment for your home?      

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  1. so gorgeous! i absolutely love this look but personally feel it always looks best in a room with high ceilings and incredible architecture. right now we are in a rental but i would definitely consider a high gloss room in the future :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}


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