Dream Home #9

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I have been in love with this home ever since I first laid eyes on it.  Gil Schafer is a true master!  There is over a century of architectural style in the creation of this home in Dutchess County, NY.  A part of a 400 acre working farm it was important the home blend with its surrounding.  "I tried to establish an organic sense of place, grown over time, by inventing a certain architectural mythology." says Schafer.  One look and you'll see he did just that.  This home is full of beauty without losing an ounce of function.  

So, what's my take away from this home?  It's the warmth and sense of time that has been created in a new structure.  This is not easy to achieve and is something I consider so important in design.  You can create this in your own home by incorporating reproductions of antique hardware, some traditional millwork, a few worn vintage textiles and warm wood antique furniture.  Simply mix in a little history in your modern home.  We crave for spaces to feel curated and collected.  A room layered with history and time worn elegance is comforting and isn't that what we seek most in our homes.  

Images via: Architectural Digest / You can see more of this home here.


  1. wow, so unbelievably gorgeous!
    i'm shocked it is a new home.

  2. This is an amazing home....the dining room is my favorite...oh and the gardens


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