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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Place To Call My Own

When Bubba and I first talked about packing up our life and moving we were very straight forward and 'to the point' about everything.  It was understood between us that the transition would have its difficulties.  Because we were keeping our coastal home meant we would need to rent our next house for the first year.  Being unfamiliar with the area we would require that time to find a home for ourselves.  Initially I thought this was a wonderful idea.  My mind had constantly churned out design/decor ideas for our home.  I couldn't just sit and watch a favorite program on television or read a book.  No, that would be too easy.  Instead I would be preoccupied with ideas of new flooring or lightening a paint color by 25% to get exactly what I wanted.  A year in a rental would mean a mini vacay from all those obsessed personal design dilemmas. This would be an opportunity to free up some of that creativity for my work.  The first couple months in our rental went great.  I've had all the time in the world to focus on my business which is good since I basically have to build my client base from scratch again.  Unfortunately it hasn't distracted me from the overwhelming urge to give my rental home a complete overhaul.  I understand now that you just can't deny your true nature.  When it comes to our personal space I love having total freedom to create whatever I envision for our home.  I find joy in making it uniquely ours and improving our investment in every possible way.  I have been so fortunate that we have great home owners that want changes to their house and trust me to see that through for them.  However; it doesn't ease my need for a place of our own.  I'm chomping at the bit to rip out a kitchen or gut a bathroom.  A home isn't a home to me until I've put some blood, sweat and tears into making it beautiful.  I'm ready to rent a backhoe and start work on my dream garden.  Oh how I miss my garden.  It will be at its peak this year.  Full of lime light hydrangeas, jasmine, roses, lilac, cherry trees, clematis, wisteria and lilacs it will be gorgeous in the coming months!  I can't help but feel a little adrift without a home that's all our own.  It's easy to curse home ownership when we're bogged down with the maintenance and expense of repairs, but it's a true blessing.  I'm currently coveting the burden of home ownership.

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