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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In an Ideal World
Clean & Ethical Meat

It's time for a more personal Currently Coveting.  I'm not quite sure how to start this post.  You may have strong feelings on the subject matter and I want you to understand a few things before I start.  1) These are my own personal views.  2) This is not an effort to push my view on others or judge those who feel differently than me. I fully respect other people’s choices in this matter and harbor no ill will towards those with a difference of opinion.  With that said I ask that anyone with comments regarding this post please be respectful of others.

I am currently coveting to have clean and ethical meat.  Allow me to explain.  Over the last 13 years I've had to be very disciplined about the foods I eat.  Due to a small liver dysfunction (it backfires like an old car if I have too many saturated fats) I had to cut back on heavy fats and a few rounds with stomach distress last year had me removing grains and processed sugar from my daily grub fest.  (I refuse to use the word diet.  It's a terrible word and it will be replaced with 'daily grub fest')   This was extremely difficult, but the end results have been worth it.  A rash I've had since I was 15 has finally gone away and I no longer have issues with my stomach or liver.  So, you may be wondering where the controversy is.  Well, here goes....

When you cut all grains and processed sugar from your daily grub fest you're only left with meat, fruit and veggies.  Seeing firsthand what a difference simple changes in your daily grub fest can do for your health can be a real eye opener.  You have to learn a lot about the ingredients you have to work with in your meal plans.  I educated myself on all kinds of vegetables I had never really considered before and that was fun.  It was learning about the meats I ate that caused a major disturbance for me.   I have always been a meat eater.  I tried to be a vegetarian for a few months in my twenties and failed miserably.  Being an animal lover I've always been a little conflicted about consuming meat, but having spent my childhood surrounded by farmers I understood that this was a way of life.  Since all my meats came nicely packaged in plastic with labels stating "Hormone & Antibiotic Free", "Grass Fed" and "Free Range" I thought I was getting the best meats.  It wasn't until I began to look deeper into the industry that I became absolutely appalled at the practices of these industrial scale companies (this does not include local farmers) and the resulting state of the animals.  I fully understand that there is a lot of information out there on this subject that is designed to provoke strong emotions.  I have tried to seek out educational information to base my personal beliefs.  What I found left me distraught and beside myself. I will not share my findings.  That is something each person needs to learn on their own and form their own opinion. What I can share is that I want healthy livestock and, call me a tree hugging hippie or whatever you like, but I believe in respecting the animal that gives its life so that I may live mine.  As far as I'm concerned large corporations don't share this same belief.  Once again I am making a large change in my daily grub fest and this time I couldn't be happier about the decision.  Never again will a dime of my money support any participant in the meat industry that doesn't share my beliefs.  I've been fortunate to find a local coop of farmers that have outstanding industry practices and are available to answer any of my questions.  I can also visit their farms and see the livestock for myself and feel good about my decision.  My wish is that people always be provided with clean and ethical meat.  That we can trust companies to do the right thing as far as our food is concerned.  That would be in an ideal world and we're not there yet. I believe that our constant rise in population has caused trouble sustaining our food resources and we now have an industry monster to contend with.  I am so thankful to be fully aware of this situation and taking back control of what I put on my dinner plate. I'm trying to make a difference one purchase at a time.  I will also only eat what is necessary for me.  That means cutting back on meat by adding more vegetable proteins to my daily grub fest.  Once again, I understand that many of you will have a difference of opinion and I respect that.  I have many friends that are vegetarians and I fully support their life choices as they support mine.  My personal choices may not be right for you.  This is simply what I am Currently Coveting.
P.S. Some of you may be wondering why I still bake and use grains for the Sweet & Savory series.  I have always baked for the people I love and that will never change.  I taste everything I make.  I just don't eat it.  Most people in my life still lovingly eat grain and sugar and I'm more than happy to put a smile on their face with a tasty creation.  

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