The Navaho Rug

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recently I have been searching high and low for the perfect kilim rug for our home.  There is something about the way a flat weave wears over time that looks warm and bohemian.  Due to the current popularity of these rugs there is an overwhelming selection to choose from.  As I was stumbling through the world of rugs I was reintroduced to the Navajo rug.  These amazing pieces share the same strong geometric patters as the trending kilims.  The only difference for me was the color choices.  The most popular kilims today are made up of pinks, oranges and other bright colors whereas Navajo rugs tend to stick with earth tones or primary colors.  You can, from time to time, find a gorgeous pastel Navajo like the vintage rug featured in the picture above.  One look at this rug and I was hooked.

Navajo rugs are made in the Four Corners area of the United States by the Navajo people.  They have been considered fine weavers for over 300 years and their products have been highly sought after in trade for the last 150 years.  These flat weave creations have been a large part of the Navajo economy which has taken some major hits due to outside manufacturers creating cheaper versions of their weaves.    
A true Navajo rug is comparable in price to an authentic Beni Ourain and vintage rugs can be extremely collectible and competitive in price.
As with any major purchase you should do you homework.  These rugs come in several different categories of pattern style.  In your search you will also see them referred to as blankets.  Most dealers with have it listed as Rug/Blanket so customers don't get them confused with the very popular saddle blankets that the Navajo also produce.  

Knowing that these rugs are woven by hand and that every one created helps preserve a culture and tradition is enough for my vote.  Their beauty and quality is the cherry on top.
So, my search has shifted from the Kilim to the Navajo.  I'm going to dive into a little more research about these babies and see if I can't find the perfect rug for me.  I have a feeling that I'll have to be patient with this one.  It may take a while, but I'm betting it's worth it.  

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