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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

John Robshaw Showroom

With our living room going through complete overhaul and our bed in need of fresh linens I've had fabric and textiles on the brain.  Time and time again I find myself drawn to block print and ethnic fabrics.  When mixed together they create an easy and colorful space.  When I say easy I mean relaxed and fluid. The pillows always look comfy and the sheets always look slightly faded and soft.  It screams comfort without lacking at all in the style department.   There are so many colors and patterns to choose from that you are bound to find just what you're looking for.  The master of creating and mixing these prints is John Robshaw.  His showroom is a great example of how mixing and matching these prints can create a vibrant and beautiful space.

If you're not into the bright and cheery prints then check out these lush neutrals and earth tones.  This look feels more refined and carefully curated.  It also introduces an opportunity to layer textures like linen and wool.

The color and pattern play used in the above photo make the room feel youthful and vibrant.

This is certainly a more bohemian style which I love.  If you love the fabric, but want a more structured look you should use one or two prints the same as you would in a more formal fashion - One print to cover a chair another for a pillow on an opposite couch.  For a bed simply create a more tailored look with the fabric as Barrie Benson did with the bed in the last featured picture.

This couch scream for you to come curl up and get comfortable.  I think that's why I'm so attracted to this style right now.  I'm craving a beautiful space that is also relaxed and very livable.  

This pattern play can work with any style.  This bench has more farm house vibe with the table and bench seats.  Beautiful floral patterns play well with a chevron and block print.

Keeping it simple with block print drapes gives this office the feel of an English garden.  At this point you can really see how these fabrics, depending upon their application, can fit into any style you wish.

I adore this bed created by fellow North Carolinian and one of my favorite designers Barrie Benson.  She was able to give this bed a fabulous look by taking a very casual fabric and giving it clean lines and structure through tailoring.  It's the perfect combination.

Here's a sample of my favorite textiles for a select few retailers.  These fabrics and textiles are made in abundance, so take your time and try not to get overwhelmed with your search.  Take your time and you will find the fabric that's right for you.


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