Table Talk

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I am so freaking excited I can hardly contain myself!!  Our new sofa is arriving today!  I have wanted this for two years now.  Our old sofa has been wonderful, but it has seen better days.  It's time for it to be recovered and retire in a finished basement or Bubba's man cave.  The sofa is just one of many things that are being replaced in our living room.  We are basically wiping the slate clean and starting from square one.  We have already replaced the rug and with the new sofa we only have to replace chairs, tables, lamps and accessories - Oh... is that all!  That's pretty much everything!  Luckily I already have a gallery installment in the works.  You'll get to see more on that in a week or so.  Chairs will take some time because they're an expensive purchase and I'm in search of a specific vintage style that will more than likely require a trip to the upholsterer.  That makes tables the priority right now.  Our current coffee table is on its last leg.  We originally purchased it at a consignment shop, so we were it's second life.  It has fallen prey to teething puppies and a host of other abuses.  This coffee table will not be passing go or collecting $200.  It will be perfect for some college kid to abuse in their first place, so I may post if for free on Craigs List.  As Bubba would say "the hippie" in me always prefers that things live on than find their way to a land fill.  Now I'm in search of the perfect table for our revamped living space.  Here are a few of the styles I'm considering.


I know... I know... These styles are very different.  This is going to be a tough decision for me.  Any of these styles will look great in the space, but I have to narrow it down to one.  I wish life was like a design show. Then I would have a truck full of options in the driveway and I could see how they all look in the space before deciding.  Since I don't live on HGTV I'll have to do this the hard way.  Who has two thumbs and needs help deciding?  THIS GIRL!!  What table do you love the most?


I love comments and read them all! Please feel free to share you ideas and opinions. I enjoy hearing from everyone.

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