Renters Lament - Mast Bath Makeover

Monday, January 13, 2014

We're hitting the middle of January and I'm just getting my groove back after the Holidays.  I've been working hard to get our house in order and making my lists for projects and goals in the upcoming year.  One project is kicking off today.  That's our master bathroom makeover.  We are currently in a rental home, but the owners are wonderful and excited for the update.  It takes some of the lament out of Renters Lament when you have homeowners as awesome as the ones we rent from.  This project has been a long internal debate for me.  Investing money in a rental space is not an easy decision to make.  I desperately want the space to look and feel a certain way, but the money may be better spent in the next home we own.  Well..... for the last few months I've been batting around ideas.  I knew that I definitely wanted to paint the bath room, but the cabinets desperately need an update and I wasn't sure the homeowners would feel the same.  For this bathroom the 80's oak cabinets are the real sore thumb and a coat of paint on the walls and pretty accessories just wasn't going to complete my vision.  Having spent several years refinishing furniture it's my natural inclination to sand these suckers down and give them new life with a coat of paint or stain.  Fortunately for me the owners agree!!!  With some thrifty planning this makeover won't will be very affordable and that means this bathroom is a GO!  

The above pic is my #1 inspiration!  At the end you'll see a sneak peek of the bathroom as it is currently.  The floor has these harvest gold tones like the rug in the above picture.  I think a coat of bright white on the walls and painting the lower cabinets a color similar to this one will really open up the space and bring in the light.  I also love that they have mixed the finishes in this space.  I plan to do the same.

I'm also considering some shades of grey for this space.  There are flecks in the counter top and a little in the flooring that could easily be picked up for the cabinets.

I just love this double vanity!  This goes in the "One Day" pile.

A darker cabinet color like the one above is also in the running.  This feels a bit more traditional and transitional to me and may be the better choice for a rental.  We will not be the last people to live in this home, so I have to consider a style that is more mainstream and will suite most people.

This is a sneak peek at the bath room as it is today.  It's a good space that just needs a little updating.  Because it's a rental I will not be replacing any fixtures.  That will make this a purely cosmetic makeover.  Stay tuned for the after pics coming soon.  What do you think would be good in this space?  What's your dream for a master bathroom?  

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  1. Framing those mirrors out will make a huge difference. Love the grey cabinets. Maybe shutter for a window treatment. Look forward to seeing what your design is.

  2. I have considered shutters for the window. Framing the mirrors is a great idea! Thanks Karen~

  3. Looks like the bathroom has some good bones, just needs a fresh coat of paint and some nice accents!

    1. So true Kevin. Some simple updates and creative storage should be all this bath needs. Thanks for stopping by~


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