Link Love #9

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Another snow storm is blowing in and Bubba and I are doing our best to stay warm today.  Our Southern blood is having trouble adjusting to all this cold and snow.  Since we'll be home bound I plan to tackle the To-Do List for the house.  It's the perfect way to combat the onset of cabin fever.  Hopefully I'll finally finish that New Years purge and have enough time to get the final touches done in the bathroom.  While I get busy doing that here are some great things I've found on the web this week.  

MakeSpace is a new company offering full service storage solutions that include an inventory of your belongings that you can access online!

Modern art secretly hiding inside your favorite cocktail

Treat your honey to one of the 10 most romantic restaurants this Valentine's Day.

See an amazing wet bar makeover at From The Right Bank.

Head over to Resembl for a new way to search for your favorite items.

Hilarity ensues with this neighborly communication (PG 13)

15 Things that happen when you fall in love with a southerner.

Have you checked out SJP's new shoe collection!

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