Dream Home #6

Thursday, January 23, 2014

This weeks dream home is a beautiful farm house in Willistown, Pennsylvania.

While the traditional stone facade and gated entry of this home is beautiful, it's the interior that is the star of the show.  Wide plank flooring and carpentry throughout the home make this farm house simply stunning.  This understated style just sings to me.  Did you see all the built-ins?!  

Hope y'all are doing well this Thursday morning!  Thought I would take a minute to catch up with everyone.  I've been busy wrapping up the master bath makeover and hope to be finished by this weekend.  This second polar vortex has slowed the process down a little, but hopefully we'll have some sunshine to start taking pictures this weekend.  Bubba started feeling better just in time to get out and trudge through the snow for work.  He was thrilled about that.  I think the novelty of snow has worn off for the pups.  Now when we get their leashes instead of jumping with enthusiasm they just look at us like we're crazy and have to be encouraged to get near the door.  This cold weather has been the perfect excuse for me to cook and bake up a storm.  Our living, dining and kitchen create one great room and running the oven all day definitely helps to keep the place warm.  The bonus is I have some fun recipes and ideas coming to you for Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl starting tomorrow!  As always, Thanks for stopping by and please share any ideas or comments.  I love hearing what everyone has to say.  It's always appreciated.


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  1. wow that home is gorgeous. I can see why its your dream home. The detail is amazing
    xx, High Heels and Tutus


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