Dream Home #4

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I have decided to expand the search for the weekly dream home.  As much as I would love to only show beautiful homes in the South, I'm afraid that we would be missing out on some wonderful and creative aspects of home design and decor.  Southern style has been cultivated over the years from influences all over the world.  It's my goal to celebrate Southern style by being a part of its future.  Our first stop is a beautiful Georgian revival owned by Eric and Erin Fish in Marin County, California.  This 1890's traditional was showing its age when the family purchased the home, so they hired Wendy Posard to breath new life into the structure while preserving the homes historical integrity.

Light!  Light!  Light!  This house is filled with gorgeous, warm, natural light!  This is at the top of my priority list as I hunt for our next home.  Bad window placement equals gloomy living.  It can really be depressing.  You can buy the most expensive, well designed house on the block, but if it doesn't have good natural light no one will see its beauty.  This is the first time I've ever lived in an area that has such cold and snowy winters and I'm quickly learning the value of sunlight.  I've been craving the sunshine, warm breezes and palm trees from back home.  A house with great windows might just hold me over until I can get back for a visit.  Spring can't come soon enough for this coastal girl.

Just an update.....  Because of the Holidays I had to suspend our house hunt and research to travel and spend time with family.  The search is now back on track and I'll be sharing that information with you next week.   

Images via: Traditional Home


  1. The kitchen is beautiful! And I love the colour they've picked for the bathroom. I can totally see why this is your dream home ;-) Good luck with your house hunt!

  2. Thanks Valerie! I've got my fingers crossed that we get in a house soon so I can get to work. In case you're interested the Bathroom color is Farrow & Ball Light Blue.


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