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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One of my New Year's resolutions was to be more personal and share on the blog.  That's why I started this Currently Coveting series.  Some days what I share may be monetary items and others will be personal and emotional wants and needs.  Today is about the later of the two.  So, not to confuse y'all, but the above image says it all.  I am COVETING a warm sunny day full of small adventures and a moment to take a few deep breaths.  Honestly, at this point I would settle for just sunshine!  

Bubba and I packed our home and left the beach back in September.  Our first few months have been about adjusting to our new surroundings.  Truth is that we moved to the polar opposite of our beloved coast.  The first few weeks were filled with beautiful sunny days and mild temperatures that allowed us to explore the surrounding mountainside.  We loved spending the weekend with the dogs, fining new hiking trails and wearing ourselves out.  All of that quickly ended when winter rolled in.  I had no idea winter would be so tough.

This second arctic vortex has hit us pretty hard up here.  My southern blood doesn't know what to do when you wake up to -7° with a wind chill of -20°!  That is a cold that hurts folks.  Naturally Bubba and I put on our big girl britches and try to make the most of this particularly harsh winter.  We've found solutions to most of what ails us, but there is no substitute for some good ol sunshine.  I fear I'm running dangerously low on vitamin D and require 7 - 10 days in a tropical climate to get back to my normal levels.  Once my skin turns a lovely golden brown and my heels are exfoliated from walking in the sand I should be fully recovered.  

It's so true when they say "You don't know what you got till it's gone."!  I just never thought I would say that about something as basic as sunshine.  All those steamy summer days when I cursed the sun for being too strong..... I take it back.  This crazy winter has at least taught me to appreciate those sweltering, southern summers.  

I'm also really missing my friends and family.  I've tried not to say too much on this subject because I'm an adult and, as an adult, I'm suppose to suck it up and understand that this move was what was best for my family.  I can accept that.  However; it doesn't stop me from missing them dearly.  Right now the south east is getting hammered by yet another crazy winter storm.  Everyone is all atwitter because the south is not equipped to handle a storm of this size.  I'm seeing everyone's excitement on the social media sites and I wish I was there with them.  Well, that and they are forecasted to be back at 60° by Saturday.  

For now I'm stuck with this beautiful winter white menace!  FOR REAL!  How can something that looks so pristine be so freaking messy?!  Can you tell that I'm developing a love/hate relationship with this stuff?!

To all my peeps in the South.... I love you and miss you!  Please be safe and smart today.  I know y'all are probably starting to feel the itch of cabin fever, but please don't drive until it's safe.  Spend your day whipping up some seriously good eats, frolic in the snow, have snow cream by the fire and remember..... it will all melt away just as quickly as it appeared. 

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