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Friday, December 27, 2013

As a result of Thanksgiving being so late this year, most of us felt we had little time to prepare for Christmas and now we're revving up for New Years!  It's been a real Holiday whirlwind and I must admit that I'll be happy to have that nice quiet stretch before Valentines day, but today the focus is New Years.  A few of you brave souls, despite your Christmas hangover, will be hosting or attending a New Years brunch.  I've put together a few tasty recipes to help get you started.

This sweet and fresh dish is great because you can make it ahead.


This light and refreshing cocktail is quick and easy to mix together for your guests.

Umm... yeah, these will be on my everyday menu!

The Bloody Mary has become a standard on brunch menus.  A definite crowd pleaser. 

Country Ham Biscuit..... Enough said.

Try this yummy spin on the traditional mimosa

You can't forget your good fortune dishes!

Potatoes and cheese.... The ultimate cure for what ails you!

All of these recipes will work great for brunch.  Keep in mind that you want to spend time with your guest when selecting your menu.  Skip the pancakes and omelets!  It's a nice idea, but you don't want to spend the day being a short order cook.  Muffins or rolls can be made the night before and casseroles go from the oven to the buffet leaving you free to mingle.  Drinks should be simple and refreshing.  Consider a drink station for mimosas and fresh juices where your guests can help themselves.  Set out your dishes and anything needed for a quick set-up the night before to help ease the morning schedule.  These great tips should help you have a wonderful New Years brunch with family and friends.

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