Gift Guide #3

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gift Guide #3

Coq Au Vin | 3 Blade Peeler | Mauviel Copper Beating Bowl | Oil Mister |
Chefs Measuring Cups | Wine Pairing Towel Set | Smart Stick Immersion Blender | Copper Cook's Tools |
Herb Savor | Bodum Assam Tea Press | Recipe Journal

I love when there is a cook on my Christmas list.  Every year the industry releases new and innovative products that excite every kitchen buff.  Prices can range from $10 to crazy expensive, so there is something for everyone's budget.  Here are a few items that I'm loving this season.  If you have someone on your list that's getting their first home, consider inexpensive foundation items (potato peeler, pizza cutter, etc..) for stocking stuffers or a gift basket.

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