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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dear Santa..... 

78 Church Street in Charleston, South Carolina may be my ultimate dream home.  I first saw this historic gem back in 2012 when it first came on the market.  I've daydreamed about it ever since.    Built in 1790 the Dubose Heyward house has undergone a full renovation of over 5,300 sq ft of living space.  The home was originally two post-revolutionary houses that were made into one single unit with 3 bedrooms and 4 and 1/2 baths.  The lot boasts a private courtyard, salt water pool and recently detached guest house.  

The guest house overlooks the courtyard.  It has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a living area and kitchenette.  

The living room and kitchen in the main house just make me giddy.  Butter yellow cabinetry and French doors opening out onto the courtyard.... what more can a girl ask for?!  Almost all the rooms on the first floor open onto the courtyard, so the whole house is filled with great natural light.  This place hits all the high notes.  (insert big sigh here) Maybe one day a home like this can be a reality for me and Bubba.  For now this house will be filed away under Inspiration.

This home feels historic and modern at the same time.  The renovation seamlessly brought the past and present together without sacrificing style or function.

The floor in this bathroom is everything!  That is all.

 The home was owned by Dubose Heyward who wrote the novel Porgy.  You may be more familiar with it as the play Porgy and Bess.  George and Ira Gershwin were frequent visitors to the home.  How cool is that?!  Maybe they had their morning coffee on this balcony.

Beautiful wood moldings have been maintained throughout the house.  The quality and beauty of this renovation can be seen in every room of the home.  Bonus: With six functioning fire places you'll never have to worry about the cold.

 Another previous owner of the home was Alfred Hutty, a Charleston renaissance artist.

If I haven't dropped enough names for you then let me bring in the big guns.  That's right!  The One.. The Only.... Mr. George Washington gave a speech from the homes balcony on a visit after the revolutionary war.  This house has it all!  It's big on style and big on history, but not so big that it couldn't be filled with love and memories.  

See the full house tour and listing at Realtor.com

History from William Means

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  1. What a home! The exterior has left me speechless:)


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