Dream Homes of the South #2

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  If you're traveling today I wish you a safe journey.  We are still in NC enjoying time with the family and will be back to the real world this weekend.  For those of you stopping by today I've got a peek inside an awesome home.

This Dream Home installation is the work of Castro Design Studio, LLC located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Rodolfo Castro started his boutique residential design firm in 2006.  Just a glimpse at the firms portfolio and you understand the level of quality and detail that goes into a project.  
"Our work draws inspiration from the traditional and classical architecture of the area as well as from the client’s own ideas, interpreted with a vision of the present to create work that is both timeless and modern while respecting the project’s site and context."  
This house is packed with style and design, but keeps that warm cottage feel.

  What I love most about this house is that it feels cozy and charming.  There is nothing better than understated beauty and this house has got it.  A perfect example that you don't need endless square footage or over the top architecture to have a stunning home.  I often find that simple elegance has a much larger impact.  I will take quality of quantity any day!   

Images via: Castro Design Studio

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  1. Wow! This is definitely the inside of my dream home. Stunning. Thank you for sharing.




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