Renters Lament - "I Think This Qualifies As An Entryway..."

Friday, November 15, 2013

When we packed up our house on the coast of North Carolina, I had no idea that the home we would soon be renting was about...oh I'd say.... 500 square feet smaller!  This has presented a few problems when it comes to space management.  It has taken several months of moving furniture again and again to get comfortable with an arrangement.
The "Entryway" of this home is more of a landing.  There is an awkward array of doors and it immediately opens up into the living room/kitchen and hallway to the bedrooms.  Basically it's the homes intersection.  Having only one small wall and little area to work with I did what comes naturally.  I put my largest piece of furniture smack dab in the middle of that wall.  Don't be afraid to try a large piece in a small space.  You will often be surprised by how it can make that space feel bigger.
This space was originally a shade of Kermit green.  I say that affectionately.  I would never down another persons style or taste. Kermit green wasn't going to work for me, so I painted it Benjamin Moore's French Linen.  This is a great neutral for any renter that moves in after us.  It's not a pure white like I usually go for.  It has a touch of age and warmth that I think will be great as we gear up for the winter season.
I found this buffet at auction and refinished it in a Benjamin Moore industrial high gloss paint.  The color is Jade Garden.  I was terrified of the color when I started painting this piece and by the last coat I was completely sold!  The top was revamped with a deep walnut stain and brought to a high shine with a protective lacquer finish.  You get this great pop of color when you first come through the door and well....I'm a sucker for a pop of color.  Storage is a huge issue right now and this buffet provides plenty.  For the winter it will neatly tuck away our toboggans, gloves and dog leashes.  My overflowing dinnerware is safely stored in its larger compartments below.

With the Holidays around the corner I've chosen to keep the accessories simple.  Soon everything will be decked out with Christmas décor.  Over the next few months I will be looking for special pieces to top this buffet.  I'll also be going through the moving boxes in the basement and (fingers crossed) locating all our accessories.  For now it's the resting place of some of my favorite books, this fab fox (a part of the Threshold line) I found at Target, and a pair of mid-century lamps. 

From this angle you can get a good view of my DIY lamps. (You also get a peek at my "in-progress gallery wall.) These mid-century beauties were thrown in with some chairs I purchased a while back.  With a little elbow grease, paint, brass cleaner and determination they got a new lease on life.  If you ever purchase an old lamp and are unsure about the electrical, please have it rewired by a professional.  It is an inexpensive repair that will make sure your vintage find is safe.  Currently I love how awkward these lamps look with the new shades.  In the future I will have the sockets replaced and that will lower the shades down and in turn lower the quirk level.

Bubba has to have a place to drop everything the minute he comes in the door.  For this I've placed a white lacquer tray in the center of the buffet.  Normally this would be styled with a small box for change, maybe some flowers or a trinket or two.  Like I said... until the Holidays are over everything will be pared back and simple.  I'm currently hunting for a cool umbrella stand.  If you have any recommendations, please let me know! 

Sorry that I don't have more to show, but that's why this series is called "Renters Lament".  When you lease a home, there are always tons of compromises.  In the meantime we are blessed to be warm and dry and on the hunt for a home where we will settle down.  The next installment of Relocation=Renovation will be next week.

After Thanksgiving I'll be sharing updates of how I style my home for Christmas. 



  1. Really like the pop of color! It looks amazing, and way to make that space work better for you. : )

  2. It reminds me of my dresser (link below). I love the hardware on it. Looks wonderful!

  3. So cute where did you get little fox from ? It's awesome

  4. I love how you styled your entry way, itay be simple but it is gorgeous!! Mine is simple right now but it looks empty still. I'm at a lost of what to do with it!!


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