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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Cheat Sheet #2

Feeling frazzled about turkey day?  How about a cheat sheet to help you run a tight ship in the kitchen along with instructions to carve that wonderful turkey?  Cooking a Thanksgiving meal is like conducting an orchestra.  Timing has to be right for everything on your menu to be tasty by the time it reaches your guests plate.  This time management sheet from All Recipes is a great guide for getting all your delish dishes to the table on time.  Be sure to watch the Thanksgiving Timed Right video if you need a little more encouragement.   

New to the art of Turkey carving?  This illustrated guide from the Huffington Post can help you look like a real pro!

Want to see the play by play?

If you are a visual learner or would like instructions with more detail then this How to Carve a Turkey video from Real Simple should do the trick.   Still need more...... Fine Dining Lovers has put together How To Carve Turkey Like A Chef.  This includes video tutorials for 4 different carving methods.  

Want to really impress loved ones with your super cool carving skills?  Check out An Edge In The Kitchen by Chad Ward. This detailed instructional book covers everything from caring for those fancy kitchen knives to the proper way to use them.  With this book in your arsenal you'll have all the confidence you need.  P. S. The author is my fantabulous cousin!  Shout Out!  Yes, I said fantabulous. (Fantastic + Fabulous = Fantabulous).  

Don't skimp on your presentation.  You've done all the hard work.  Now show it off!  Seasonal fruits and complimentary roasted veggies add great color and additional sides for your guests.

I love the arrangement of seasonal pears and herbs on this platter.

Carving a turkey is a messy process so many of us take care of it in the kitchen.  Pretty your platter by neatly arranging your slices.  Above is a lovely carved turkey presentation with rosemary.

Remember not to stress over your Holiday dinner!  This is a day to spend with loved ones and make some memories.  Perfection is not required.

If you were looking for our regular Tuesday post of Designer Spotlight it will resume next week. 

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