Renters Lament - Frankenstein Guest Room

Monday, October 28, 2013

Almost everyone has a Frankenstein room.  You know.... that room thrown together with spare furnishings and random accessories.  In our house that's the guest bedroom.  This is a room that has yet to make it into the makeover budget.  Using existing furnishings I have tried to put the room together with intent and purpose.  Here's a peek at my work in progress.
Since the house we're in is a rental I felt I had no choice but to paint the room in a neutral.  We may only be in this house for a year and there's no way I'm painting any room twice.  Because we're over eight ours from all our friends and family we may only have a few guests to enjoy this room in the time that we're here.  That's why I chose Benjamin Moore's Grey Owl lightened 50%.  It makes a cool neutral that fits well with any décor. 

Our nicest bedding has always been reserved for guests.  With three dogs sleeping in our room it's  pointless to invest in anything too luxurious for ourselves.  Yes, this does get to me from time to time, but I'm happier with the furry boogers in my life.  Semi-wonderful bedding and blanket covered furniture is the price pay.  With winter barreling down on us I chose a heavy weight diamond quilted duvet for warmth.  The teal velvet pillows were originally purchased for the living room, but they never did well in the space.  Along with the linen pillow they help create a good mix of texture for the bed. 
If you haven't noticed the very bland lamp shades, then please let me point them out for you.  I think they actually came with the lights!  They drive me crazy every time I walk by this room.  New updated shades are on my shopping list! 
By the window I've placed a chair that's in line to go to the upholsterer.  I covered it with another fuzzy blanket to make it cozy.  For the moment it serves as a place to sit and put on shoes or drape clothes.  This will be replaced with a small desk and chair that fits perfectly under the window.  The curtains are just a basic white for now.  Finding the perfect drapery fabric takes a while for this indecisive Libra.
Since my parents will be our most frequent guests, the salvaged side tables have been designed to fit their needs. A small wood box from my childhood serves for safely storing important little things like jewelry.  Being away from home can make it hard to fall asleep at night, so I've made a few of my favorite reads easily accessible for any weary guest.   You may think the candle is just for décor, but it was actually placed there as an emergency light source.  There's nothing worse than stumbling around a strange room in the dark during a power outage.  There's a small pack of matches in the box, so everything is close together.  The pictures are just for my Mom.  I thought having a photo of her mother would make it feel more like home.  The other photo of my wedding bouquet will eventually be traded for a nice piece of art.  I just have to find something that I love.  Leaning the frames keeps from putting holes in the wall that I'll eventually have to patch over and repaint.  Blank walls can make a rental really feel like a rental.  This is one way to add personal décor without damaging walls.  I found the tables in a second hand shop.  At the moment they are falling a little flat for my tastes.  The room feels washed out with all the white and grey.  I'm thinking a new coat of black paint could add some depth and allow the tables to anchor the room.  

Lastly every guest room should have extra pillows and blankets.  This quilt was given as a wedding present from a close friend.  With a teal background this quilt was meant for the guest bed.  It doesn't hurt that it's a lovely piece to keep toes toasty at night.  The mandolin is in the picture because it requires safe storage.  I've just started practicing and I fear the dogs, being fed up with all the racket, may retaliate by destroying the "weird noise maker".  Honestly, I couldn't blame them.  My developing talent can be nerve racking on sensitive ears.

Remember..... it's fine to use what you already own for a room.  Make simple changes with color and placement to bring it together.  If you're on a budget like me, replace one piece at a time.  Just make sure you're happy and comfortable with the space.  It's your home......create a space you love.
What would you do differently in this guest room?  Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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  1. I really love your room! The colors and styling are so lovely. I love a room styled with books. Thanks for sharing. I can totally relate to the bedding/dog issue.

    1. Thank you so much Maryann! I love my dogs so much, but they can cause some real challenges when it comes to design. White linens and black dog hair just don't work well together. Thanks so much for stopping by~


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