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Friday, October 18, 2013

 Have you heard about American Made?  Leave it to Martha Stewart and the editors of "Martha Stewart Living" to come up with this bit of genius.  They have searched the country finding the best craftsmen and artisans and brought them together for the country to discover.  "American Made spotlights the maker, supports the local and celebrates the handmade."  Now that is something I can really get behind.  There is much more satisfaction purchasing from a true craftsman who has turned their passion into quality goods and a way of life.  American Made just wrapped up its signature event in New York for the second year.  This event is a place where makers from across the country can gather, discuss, showcase, inspire one another and share their talents with the rest of us.  Here are just a few makers I'm loving.  Be sure to check out all the talent at Martha Stewart.  Tip: Don't miss the Audience Choice Award Winners!  There are some great finds.  Have fun exploring!
Lindsay Adelman of Lindsay Adelman Studio
 New York, New York
Want to take your lighting to the edge?  The Lindsay Adelman Studio can make it happen.  Innovative and imaginative designs make their creations true conversation starters.  Striking and refined these works can elevate any interior.  It's no surprise that the studio is branching out into all areas of design.
 Knotty Bubbles Chandelier
Blow Light
Stephen Fraser & Gart Davis of Spoonflower
 Durham, NC 
I hope that everyone has heard about Spoonflower.  Having spent my childhood in Durham, NC may make me a little bias.  The dynamic duo of Stephen Fraser and Gart Davis have made the world of custom textiles available to us all.  Paper and fabrics with custom designs created by anyone are available to everyone.  Have a "must have" pattern in mind, but can't find it?  Create it and upload the design at Spoonflower! Just when I thought life couldn't get any better....
Check the link for all available products.   
Maura Grace Ambrose of Folk Fibers
Bastrop, Texas
Being introduced to Folk Fibers is one of the best things about discovering American Made.  I have been searching for beautiful quilt work for years.  These are true investment and heirloom quality pieces.  These works are a true reflection of the artist.  Folk Fibers maintains the true history and organic nature of quilting and that is rare indeed. 
 Leaning Cabin Quilt
Petal Pillow
 Carter Cleveland of Artsy
New York City, New York
Artsy is the "Online platform for discovering and collecting art.".  Whether you are an experience collector or just getting into the art scene, Artsy has something for you.  Many of us have believed the art world to on be available to those living in big cities or with large bank accounts.  Carter Cleveland and Artsy are making beautiful works available to anyone and everyone who has internet access.  We thank you Mr. Cleveland.  I for one will be taking full advantage of this great service.

Tara Delisio & Jonah Meyer of Sawkille Co.
Rhinebeck, New York
True craftsmanship is a labor of love.  Tara Delisio and Jonah Meyer's hearts must be bursting.  The Sawkille Co. line of home furnishings has a style which Meyer calls "Rural American".  I call it stunning with practicality and purpose.  That is a combination that is hard to find.  You can picture these pieces aging and gaining value as they take on the wear and tear of everyday life.  To me that means money well spent.   
 Turned Leg Dining Table
 Tremper Bench
Thank You Martha Stewart for shining a bright light on deserving creators!  I know I will be sharing this news with friends and resourcing all the wonderful products I have discovered thanks to American Made.
Images via: Martha Stewart 
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