Relocation = Renovation

Saturday, September 28, 2013

When my husband came to me and told me that we were going to have to move from the coast of North Carolina, my heart sank.  My mind immediately went to the family and dear friends we would leave behind. I gazed around our first home, recalling all the memories of the last seven years.  Holidays with family, gatherings with friends, every corner held priceless moments in our lives together.   The thought that I would be waking up in a different house was a hard pill to swallow, but life was moving forward whether I liked it or not.  In an effort to accept my situation I began listing all the perks of a new beginning.  It started with design and ended with renovation.  I could create our new home from scratch.  I would use all the pitfalls experienced with our first house to make our second house a dream come true.  My path is clear.  This is my chance to create something that's completely my own.  A place for new memories.
We have since moved to a sleepy mountain town where beautiful historic homes lines the streets.  Renovation projects are everywhere you turn.  Young professionals are looking for custom homes with charm and personality.  Preservation and the reuse of materials is important to the residents, making this a great time for me to make this dream come true.
Join me through this series and follow every step of  the process.  I know that it will be grueling.  There with be blood sweat and tears shed before its all over. My only hope is that it's all worth it in the end.  Ok, I'm a little terrified, but in a good way.  Here are a few homes that are on the list.  A little something to get the inspirational juices flowing.  Next will be research.  I'll be compiling information to select a location and price point. 
The first part of this process can be long and boring so in the meantime I will share design ideas for those dealing with the limitations of a rental home.  Ways to make it your own through innovative products and styling. 
Share your experience or questions in the comments section....  I would love to hear from you.
Beautiful and large Victorian.

This one desperately needs a facelift, but full of charm.

Great historical farm house.

I love a traditional with a great garden!

This one may be a great undertaking, but have the most dramatic change.


  1. Renovation is very expensive so if you are on a limited budget start very small. Go see the movie Money Pit.

  2. Thanks Jake, I love that movie! We're looking for a house that is mostly cosmetic for our first project. I'm not ready to save a tear down just yet. Thanks so much for the advice!


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