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Monday, July 8, 2013

I know y'all remember the 80's when flames stitch wallpaper was all the rage along with country pink and blue.  It would seem that particular era in design left many people with a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to wallpaper.  Fortunately there have been vast improvements over the last thirty years and designers are taking wallpaper to a new level of style.     
There is a wall covering for every style and personality.  I'm personally obsessed with retro prints, quirky ethereal papers and the traditional Chinoiserie print as seen above.
Hygge & West "Daydream"

For those of you who are afraid to commit, there are many companies that make temporary wallpapers.  This is great for you fashion forward apartment dwellers.  Sherwin Williams has a great variety and Tempaper is another great source. 

Flat Vernacular "Flora"

Paint is safe, but how fun is this colorful "Flora"

Osborne & Little "Summer Palace"

This print has to get in my home right now! 

Get out there and get inspired.  If you're in love with a print, but fear it will overwhelm a room then try is on an accent wall or above some wainscoting.  All that matters is that it makes you happy!


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