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Monday, July 15, 2013

Brass Chair - Jayson Home

Brass has been hanging around homes ...well since it was discovered.  It has always been in fashion one way or another.  A gorgeous trinket in a vignette or an antique chandelier has always been stylish and chic, but about every twenty years this metal comes raging to the forefront of interior design.  I adore how this "ugly stepsister" of metals is being applied in today's designs.

The Sedgewick - Society Social
Every savvy fashionista is coveting the Mid Century bar cart.  This lovely from Society Social is both beautiful and functional.  It's a classic way to bring brass into your d├ęcor.
"Jack" side table - vanCollier
I adore the look of brass occasional tables. These simple and stylish tables can enhance any style.  From Lux to eclectic, these beauties pull their own weight.

Because brass has been around since the beginning of time it isn't hard to find great vintage pieces that won't break the bank.  I'm currently hunting for the perfect desk lamp and a few brass Nick-knacks to class up my table top and book shelves.  This ancient metal will always be in fashion, so no need to fear the investment!

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