It's The Season

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas is around the corner.  I love this time of year.  Decking the halls and trimming the tree is all I can think about the week of thanksgiving.  Every year my Christmas decor evolves as I add new pieces and selectively throw out the decorations I got the first year Jimmy and I were married.  Many of them were cheap plastic bits that I've replaced little by little over the years.  They served us well the first few years that we were married, but as we grow so does our collection.

This year I am focusing on my mantel.  It's leaving me underwhelmed.  It's not very deep so I am limited on what I can do.  Thick natural swag is always beautiful.  Rich reds and greens are my color choices.  I live on the coast and most people go with the off white, blues and silvers.  I'm a traditional kind of gal.  My house has to scream Christmas spirit. 
My fireplace is the main focal point in my open floor plan house.  I'm torn between something simple or something really beefy and luscious.  My mantel must have beautiful white lights worked into the greenery. 

There are so many options!  This is where the fun begins.  I'll post my finished mantel in a week or two.  I'm sure I'll be zhushing til Christmas morning, but I promise to post before then. 
Send us pics of your favorite Christmas decor in your home.  We would love to share on the blog!

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