Dog Days

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We all have many things we take into consideration when making a purchase.  When shopping for my home I gravitate toward all the lovely things that take my breath away and I convince myself that I must have it.  I've gone through making a "rational" argument for the purchase.  I've convinced myself that it's now or never and I grab the money from my wallet or click the check out button when I remember that I have a brood in my house just waiting to torture this purchase beyond recognition. Three lovable heathens are right behind my front door just salivating at the thought of me bringing home something shiny and new.  I thought it only appropriate that I introduce you to them since they will influence every decor choice I make for my home.
Eli - Our First Child
This is Eli.  The first furry critter to come into our home.  That's my husband Jimmy, a.k.a. Bubba, in the top right photo.  Everyone calls him Bubba because he's a good ol' southern boy.  Eli was awkward and gangly when we got him at four months old.  We had no idea he would grow into 95 lbs of lovable goodness.  Eli has very refined tastes.  He prefers designer jeans, boots, sunglasses and sofas.  If it comes with a blinding price tag he wants it.  As a puppy he brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion.  We were very pleased to find out that as he got older and wiser he would rather take long naps on the expensive furniture that endure the wrath that follows destroying them.

Dixie - The Lady
Dixie came to us only a year after Eli.  Eli seemed a little lonely with Jimmy and me at work all day so we thought we'd get him a friend.  This beautiful girl was the perfect fit.  Yes, that is her in the trunk of a car in the bottom right picture.  She loves to go for rides and it doesn't matter if you're just trying to unload the groceries, she's going to let you know that it's time to hit the town.  She found her happiness in dining chairs, carpets, table legs and sunglasses.  I believe Eli may have turned her onto the sunglasses.  She is a craft lady.  With pure stealth she can find her opportunity and silently snatch the object of her desire and retreat to a private location to enjoy the spoils.  When I say stealth I really mean it.  One night she was able to take a gorgeous grilled steak off of a plate covered with tin foil on the kitchen counter while I was only five feet away.  Our only clue was the steak juice that had delicately dripped down the cabinet front and across the floor.  Dixie is the opposite of Eli.  With age she has developed such intelligence that we are always mindful of her whereabouts.  With that face we would put up with anything.  It helps that she loves to snuggle.
Gus - Little "G"
Gus found his way to our hearts under extreme circumstances.  He was only 3 weeks old when someone found him under a boat in their yard.  He was weak and sick.  I was working at home by this point and offered to take this baby boy in for constant care.  That's him curled up in the corner of the couch his first day home.  My husband and I had no intentions of keeping him.  How many of you out there start your pet story with that line?!  He was chubby with big paws and we assumed he would grow to be a mid-size dog.  At least 45 lbs.  Ummm..... We definitely called that wrong.  He's 15 lbs and rules the world.  He believes that he's as big as Eli and has the sass to back it up.  He loves shoes and coffee tables.  I think he was just making sure everything was covered since there were two before him. 
We love them all and consider them to be family.  That said, you can see why I am looking for a durable outdoor fabric for my tufted ottoman project.  You get these three together and it can get pretty rough and tumble.  Through the years of puppy training all soft furnishing had to be slip covered or protected with quilts.  Those days are behind us now and we feel confident that it's time to make our house a beautiful home. 
 I will have the "Formidable Foyer" makeover (the first installment of my personal home transformation) posted soon as well as the DIY tufted ottoman.  STAY TUNED!!
Just a small note:  Please keep those who are dealing with the aftermath of Sandy and their pets in your thoughts and prayers.

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