Baby It's Cold Outside

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let me start with sending prayers to everyone in the north east who are affected by Sandy.  Here in Wilmington, a.k.a. Hurricane Alley, we understand all too well how difficult life can be in the aftermath of a hurricane.  For those of you that aren't familiar with our little town, we are located on the south east coast of North Carolina.  July through October can be very tense months for us as we watch storms coming off the coast of Africa.  Our hearts and prayers go out to you all. 
Sandy brought with her a wicked cold front reminding all of us here in the south that winter is just around the corner.  Naturally I wanted to do my "Winter Must Haves".  The chill has had me dreaming of warm fuzzy blankets, cups of hot tea, and my favorite holidays.
1. Katha -Stitched Mug at Anthropologie $14
2. Owl Mug Set at PEM Shop $29.90
3. Threshold Smoky Coffee at Target $15.99
We all have our rituals when it comes to our coffee and tea.  Having a personal mug or cup only heightens the experience.  There are millions of choices out there, but these are my faves.  A girly and delicate cup for tea with a good book.  Of course I had to pick the cutest owl mug ever.  It feels perfect for sick days with a cup of soup or cold winter nights with cocoa.  Last but not least a modern mug with strong contrast for coffee on those mornings that you need to conquer the world.


1. Tassel Blanket at West Elm $49
2. Cashmere Prince of Whales throw at Barneys New York $895
3. Thomas Paul Maritime Baby Alpaca throw at Design Public $350
4. Tango Wool throw at Scandinavian Design Center $71

Blankets, Blankets, Blankets!  I can't get enough blankets!  I'm in love with the fouta and tassel style blankets that are so popular right now.  Stripes and chevrons in soft hues just scream "Curl Up With Me.".  I had to throw in the cashmere throw.  It's way out of my price range, but it's the dreamiest blanket I've ever seen.  Maybe one day if I save all my pennies and am feeling really irresponsible I can purchase such a luxury.  Often you can find cashmere blankets at rock bottom prices when stores are clearing inventory for new spring items.  I'll keep my eyes peeled and share any great finds.

Remember to keep your blankets out where they can easily be used by family and guests.  There is no longer a need to keep them folded in a closet anymore.  Even the minimalist style welcomes a beautiful blanket on a couch or chair. 


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