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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Consignment stores can be your best friend when designing your home on a budget.  They do require time and patience.  You may go to all your local stores and not find that special piece that you've been searching for, but if you keep at it you may can discover a rare treasure that helps define your home. 

I spent some time recently in Durham, North Carolina and came across some fabulous consignment stores full of wonderful and unique furniture. 

What could Mom and I do to fill a Saturday afternoon while the boys are playing golf?  How about searching all the local consignment stores for fanciful finds.  My mother has always instilled in  me the value of second hand goods.  She and her sisters (A.K.A. The Ya-Ya's) are queens of hunting down that elusive piece of furniture once sighted on a home tour or in a magazine, so I had no problem with letting Mom lead the way.  Always Home Furniture Consignment store was my first stop of the day.  Upon entering I found owner Angela perched behind the counter chatting away with one of her faithful customers, and Greg staging attractive displays.  A consignment store with a loyal customer base affirms that the inventory is consistent and that the service is greatly appreciated. This is always a good sign. I was  not disappointed. 
I found this lovely lady on the main floor.  A wonderful Chinese inspired sitting chair on casters with gorgeous green velvet fabric.  At the price of $125 I was sold.  This chair would be perfect for spare seating in any room. 

 A cupboard full of new and vintage quilts will always turn my head.  A vintage quilt is a good way to bring that homey feel to a living or bedroom.  They can offer unexpected pattern and interest thrown over the back of a sofa or folded at the bottom of a bed.  Quilts bring about feelings of comfort, family and tradition.  Simply having one can soften the edges and warm a room.
Always Home also carries art, rugs, lamps and a variety of other decor items.  Also, don't forget to go to their second space next door.  It is under construction at the moment, but you are still free to browse the inventory.  This store is a must see.  With a wonderful inventory and an extremely friendly and helpful staff, I know that I will be returning next time I'm in the area.  Find out more about Always Home at their website
Classic Treasures was stop #2 of the day.  This 12,500 square foot showroom is a hunters dreamland.  Owner Blake Addison opened this consignment heaven in 2002 after spending several years in the consignment business in Nashville Tennessee.  One of the things I love about this store is that it features booths from local collectors.

 This booth is by Triangle Honeymoon.  One of my favorite in the area.  You can find out more about them at  Southern Portico also has a booth at Classic Treasures.  They can also be found on Facebook.
I couldn't resist this small cane back bench.  How adorable!  Perfect for foyer seating or placed at the foot of the bed.
The warmth and texture of this chest of drawers makes you just want to reach out and run your hands along the surface.  The details and color variations within the wood give it that well worn feeling.
You can find out more about Classic Treasures at
There are beautiful furnishings all around you and the hunt can be fun and exciting.  Don't let your budget hold you back. With a little patience and persistence it is possible to decorate on a dime!   Stay tuned for more consignment reviews and DIY projects.



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