Orange Crush

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Orange is everywhere and I'm loving it!  Many would say that orange is the current trend in color, but I don't believe in trends.  When it comes to your home you should follow your instincts and surround yourself with colors and objects you love and showcase your personality.  Don't worry about what's popular.  
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Too often we play it safe when decorating our home.  The average person feels that they may make a mistake, money will be wasted or they will change their minds after living with their choices for a while.  Adding color to you home with smaller more affordable objects can fee you from those worries.  Simple throw pillows or artful objects used moderately, as seen here, can infuse your favorite colors into your space without breaking the bank or requiring any major commitments.

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We have intimate relationships with color.  They can evoke feelings and memories.  Don't shy away from the colors that attract you.  Bright and saturated colors can be just as chic as neutrals.  As seen above they make great partners.  What's your favorite color?  How would you like to see it in your home?  Let us know!

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