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Monday, September 10, 2012

Figurative Owl Mug by West Elm

I'm loving the popular trend of owls in home decor.  For those of us that remember the 70's these retro campy owls invoke feelings of wood paneling, shag carpet and rotary phones.  The 70's icon has been given a chic and modern makeover allowing us to inject some whimsy into our home decor without being over the top.
Bronze Owl Lamp at Target
A single lamp or pillow can add interest and creativity to any space.  I plan on using a touch of owl in my foyer redo to bring humor and comfort to a somewhat structured and adult space.
Mr. Owl Bank at Urban Outfitters

This little gem at just $8.00 can be the perfect pop of color for any dresser or bedside table.
Short Eared Owl 8x10 by BirdsinHand on Etsy
A painting to perk up any vignette.
Mint Julip Owls by Claylicious at Etsy
I think these guys could cheer up any surface.
Remember that trends will come and go.  Find a way to integrate them into your personal style without having them define it.  What are your favorite trends right now?  Share with us.

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